About School Portraits by Adams Photography, Inc.

School Portraits by Adams Photography, Inc. is a specialized photography studio serving Southern California schools and changing the way schools, parents and families view traditional school portraits.  We offer in-house production and printing services, so that our clients receive the best customized products without the hassle or stress.  Creating the best possible experience for our clients and customers is our number one priority.

We have built our business with referrals and recommendations of school administrators and PTA members through our tireless commitment to innovation and providing products and services that are vital to schools.  In an age where school budgets are getting cut, schools have to rely on companies, like us, to provide the support necessary to give their students the most out of their education.  It is this commitment that maintains our relationship with our schools year after year.

Our photographers are experts in their field and are participate in our exclusive training program to bring out each child’s natural expression and personality.  All of our photographers are certified and Live Scan approved.


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